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A wide range of caregivers help children of all ages who are facing devastating circumstances including terminal illness, abandonment, and other trauma. These are children who often spend many nights alone in hospitals, hospice facilities, shelters and temporary homes, and who can be subject to painful procedures and other emotional strains that they are not equipped to handle. The professionals working with them understand each child’s unique situation and how to help them heal, but they often lack the resources and financial support to make them smile. This is why they turn to Little Smiles. 

Our funding stream varies. We accept donations, apply for grants and rely on the generosity and philanthropic efforts of local and national corporations. We also rely on support through funding generated from hosting events. This is a win/win/win. We provide the community with a great feel good event, the funds generated support or mission and in turn, we an support the kids going through Tragedy, Trauma and Serious Illness. 

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