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Our Story

When Little Smiles founder Paul “Chip” Donohue began visiting a local children’s hospital in Palm Beach County almost 20 years ago to cheer up its smallest patients, he met an inspiring young girl in the oncology ward. Whatever gifts and attention this little girl was given during her cancer treatment, she made sure to share it with the other children being treated at the hospital alongside her. She inspired Paul to form an organization called “Videos for Kids” to bring entertainment to the hospital’s pediatric unit, and he soon began to encourage the nurses to ask him directly for specific items, trips, and parties that might make their patients smile.


By 1998 his organization changed its name to Little Smiles and became dedicated to the young patient’s selfless example by engaging the greater community in doing just about anything to create a little smile.

In December of 2006, Paul’s brother-in-law and a close friend from Villanova University started the Little Smiles of Philadelphia chapter. Soon after, and a decade later additional chapters was were formed in North Carolina and New York. New chapters are periodically considered for inclusion in this tight-knit family of charities.

Little Smiles has grown from serving one local hospital in Palm Beach County to serving over 50 facilities caring for children in four different states.

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Paul "Chip" Donohue



Margi Kyle

North Carolina


Steve Grandizio and Jeff Mullen



Marco Sciortino

New York

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