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Varsity Board of Directors

Our Little Smiles Varsity Board of Directors includes professionals younger than 35 who are focused and dedicated to supporting our nonprofit’s mission. Broadly, this body is responsible for reaching out to individuals in the same age group and offering opportunities for them to get involved. Our Varsity board supplements the board of directors by creating and managing events, volunteering, and fundraising. The main difference between the two boards is that the Varsity Board does not have governance responsibility or voting power. The Varsity Board committees include volunteer coordination, marketing, events, and membership. 

General Responsibilities for the Little Smiles Varsity Board

Responsibilities vary across organizations. However, there are some common expectations that a young professional board is expected to meet in almost every organization. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Appealing to young generations

  • Volunteering for different activities

  • Introducing new and efficient technologies

  • Coordinating and undertaking online fundraising activities

  • Networking with other nonprofits and donors

  • Cultivating long-term relationships in the community

  • Raising organization awareness through social media platforms

What are the benefits for young professionals?

While being on our Varsity board is about serving the organization and community, it also provides these benefits:

  • Networking

  • Teamwork and leadership skills

  • Experience working in philanthropy

  • Career advancement opportunities

We are currently accepting nominations !

Little Smiles

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